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Talking Spy cameras all over England

Country-wide speaking monitoring cameras

Florian Rötzer 05.03.2007

The British government plans according to a test attempt obviously succeeded to install in many cities cameras with loudspeakers for verbal disciplining from Missetätern to

Great Britain is outrider in many ranges of the monitoring. Which concerns the cover with monitoring cameras, the country might be probably world-wide because of the point. At creative ideas for the alleged production of security it does not seem to be missing. In London “Fight Crime form is offered to the inhabitants in a quarter with the program your sofa[externally] , over its digital television the monitoring cameras (Webcams), installed in the district, to control to be able ([local] this evening on the television: Everything).

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In Nottingham an attempt started [externally] , with which the business people in a quarter receive the possibility of sharing the monitoring cameras of the police over Internet, is to be able to fight in order “anti-social behavior and Vandalismus” better. Those there active [externally] Neighbourhood Watch furnished also a program, with which neighbouring businessmen can help themselves mutually, by attaching mutually cameras or buying a camera together.

Already since last year a test attempt runs in the center from Middlesbrough, with which for nearly 60,000 euro eight video cameras were equipped additionally with loudspeakers. If someone behaves improperly or only if something throws away, humans must count now on it, not n ur observed, but in public - allegedly politely - to be addressed ([local] supervising and instructing). The loudspeakers have a range up to 45 meters. Who does not obey the first request, with a more strictly expressed instruction it is threatened to that that he is to waive for instance the paper or otherwise can be punished. So for example a picture in that, taken up with the camera, can be published local newspaper, in order to occupy the Missetäter then, if it were identified, with a punishment.

The British ministry of the Interior plans now, like the British of Time [externally] reports the introduction of such “speaking monitoring cameras” generally speaking country, for example in Glasgow, Gloucester or Plymouth. Monitoring and reprimand from the distance obviously work, if the Missetäter for all locally present ones are addressed recognizable directly. After Time since summer 2006 the loudspeakers 156 times were used.

Is cared for the program in the ministry of the Interior of [externally] Louise Casey, which holds officially the place [externally] of the Koordinatorin for respect and a department for the fight [externally] of the anti-social behavior leads, which became a major task relating to domestic affairs of the Blair government. Middlesbrough from it to one of 40 “area” explain, because one itself there commit, special attention on the fight the social behavior arrange or disturb neighbour to peace bring ([externally] Neighbours From bright). But the municipalities more moneys receive. From Caseys authority receives now 30,000 euro to Middlesbrough, in order to rig further 10 cameras with loudspeakers.

With more intelligent monitoring cameras for example in the Netherlands one experiments. The system for the discovery of [externally] aggression over an automatic analysis of voices, developed by the company, is already tested in some cities. Microphones are attached at the monitoring cameras. At the University OF East Anglia [externally] one researches at a technology, with video cameras the saying of the lips reads and in text to convert to be able, in order to be able to listen also in loud environments as in taverns or on roads.

And even to the adherence to the prohibition of smoking in all closed public areas, which steps starting from 1 July into force, the British government let itself a creative solution be broken in. As BBC [externally] reports, the municipalities received 45 million euro from the government, in order to adjust personnel for control. The member the police can with smoker immediately a fine of over 70 euro raise and against the operator of restaurant, bar, office, business or enterprise a announcement refund. In order to get the Rauchsünder better, they may besides “more undercover” for area entered and there photos or films than vouchers make.

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