Monday, January 25, 2010

Google vs China - Someone asked me what about

what about the google china thing.

I said:
"There is something going on behind the scenes. It is probably to do with NSA
or CIA, judging by the steadfast refusal to mention them in the corporate press"

blah blah. information freedom Clinton Google grandstanding.
China responded that hacking is illegal in china.
Google did not want to leave china, contradicting itself

chinese media mention the patriot act which censors the internet in USA.
USA has pioneered the art of cyberwar and publicly promoted the idea
and is paying billions for cyberattacks to be executed.


china says that "bugs" were programmed intentionally to spy.

china says that agents spread targeted rumours to sabotage (by twitter
and youtube)

more likely that the chinese rulers (like the us rulers) fear
"digital maoism" .. the masses are let loose.

China says Google is promoting porn and copyright theft of chinese
authors. (hehe, just like in the USA)

Chona says "Google can obviously tolerate censorship as it does in
Germany, France and India"

Security expert Bruce Schneier says that GoogleMail (gmail) has programmed
backdoors for the NSA.

Schneier says that these backdoors also allow hackers to syphon-off data.

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