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SOCCER FINAL Octopus vs Parrot!!!
Germany bare breasted girly fans


PAUL . 1) SPAIN 2) NL 3) Germany 4) Uruguay
MANI 2) Netherlands 2) Spain

Its Paul the Octopus vs Mani the Parakeet; Will it be Spain or Netherlands!

Paul the Octopus and Mani the Parakeet

New Delhi: Paul the Octopus is really getting some cult following after his 100 percent correct prediction on the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

But he might soon have a challenger from Mani the Parakeet from Singapore who incidentally have predicted all the quaterfinal ties of the world cup and Spain's semi-final victory over Germany.

And the competition hots up between the two with Paul the Octopus picking Spain as the winner and Mani the Parakeet choosing the Netherlands as the new World Champion.

The Psychic Paul the Octopus resides in a German aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany have gained some enemies with most calling for his death after the German's defeat to Spain in the semi-final.

But its a total contrast for Mani the Parakeet from Singapore who belong's to a roadside astrologer Muniyappa, an Indian origin, and the parrot's prediction have helped in Muniyappa's business to flourish.

But fans will be hoping the prediction will not take centre stage when the two best sides meet in the final with everything at stake on Sunday for the biggest prize in world football.

Feathered competition from Singapore for oracular Octopus

Prophets parrot versus oracle-Paul Krake

In Holland, the parrot would at least have many friends - the feathered oracle prophesied saying: The Dutch are world champions! The Octopus looks very differently from Oberhausen - Spain's. So far the visionary capabilities of both animals to be excellent - both in Oberhausen and in Singapore we had never been wrong.

"Cursed is the Octopus"

The second animal oracle must bring World Cup particularly

David Spiegelhalter to despair. is Professor of Probability, Cambridge University Paul's prophecies have coped very difficult: "This squid is about to destroy my life's work," complains the British statistics expert. The hit rate of the octopus is inexplicable to him - so much happiness could not have! In future, the students will probably argue with each of his lectures: "OK, Professor. But how do you explain then the octopus?" And so now even a parrot.

Is the future in the flesh or in Card picking?

The methods of the two animal soothsayers are certainly very similar. The Octopus Paul must decide between two containers of flesh - one per team. Paul must then choose according to taste or perhaps just for inspiration - it wins the men, whose flesh he preferred. In Singapore, it is on the other hand, map reading, rather, on Kartenpicken. The bird will be presented to two cards - with the flags of the incoming Nations. Mani then picks out one and for the country whose flag was chosen, is the victory secure. According to Mani.

Animals to the final showdown

Of all the animal to the final World Cup predictions differ from each other now. Parrot Mani drew the Dutch map. The flesh of the Spanish team, however, was more like Paul's taste. On Sunday will be seen, then, who is the real World Cup oracle - and who only pure tip-lucky. This animal can Professor David Spiegelberg then give his students at least as an counter-example - when they come to speak in his lectures at the World Cup oracle

Paul, the Octopus has been in the news more than anyone. Everyone is talking about Psychic Oracle Octopus Paul Allen. Paul predictions have been one hundred percent correct and have a record now in predicting the matches in the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2010.

German Psychic Octopus became a celebrity overnight with his predictions. He has a rival at hand now, Singapore’s Mani; the Parakeet. Like Octopus Paul, Mani too has been correct in his predictions for all the quarter-final ties and the Spain-Germany semi-final.

Psychic Oracle Octopus Paul Allen has his pick for the FIFA final – Spain whereas; the psychic parakeet has picked up Netherlands as 2010 winner.

Paul picked out a mussel from the tank with the Spanish flag, ignoring the tank that had the Dutch flag, shown live on a TV show all over Europe. As per the psychic Octopus, Spain will be FIFA World Cup 2010 champions and regarding the place 3 and 4, Paul Allen, the Octopus has predicted that Germany will beat Uruguay to take the 3rd place.

Mani, a 13-year-old parakeet, picks up a card with the flag of the Netherlands in Singapore's Little India neighbourhood on Friday.

A crowd of football fans lean forward as Mani, Singapore’s World Cup-forecasting parakeet, creeps out of his small wooden cage and chooses between two white cards - one hiding the flag of the Netherlands, the other Spain.

If the bird’s many new believers are right, Holland will win its first World Cup championship on Sunday. Mani grabbed a card in his beak on Friday and flipped it over to reveal the Dutch flag.

The 13-year-old parakeet has become a local celebrity after its owner, M. Muniyappan, claimed Mani accurately forecast the World Cup’s four quarterfinal games and Spain’s semifinal victory over Germany.

“He’s a special bird,” Muniyappan said.

Mani joins Paul the octopus, who has correctly predicted the winner of every World Cup match played by Germany, as overnight stars as interest in football’s biggest tournament peaks and gamblers look for any edge to pick winners.

Muniyappan, an 80-year-old fortuneteller, said Mani has helped him predict the future for five years at a table in front of a restaurant in the Little India neighbourhood, but this year’s World Cup is the first time the parakeet has attempted to forecast the outcome of sports competitions.

“People usually want help picking the lottery numbers, or when to get married,” said Muniyappan, who was born in India and moved to Singapore in 1953. “Then gamblers started asking about the World Cup.”

Muniyappan said about 30 people a day now pay for his psychic powers, up from about 10 a day before Mani shot to fame.

Keywords: 2010 FIFA World Cup Public understanding of uncertainty and risk, Bayesian methods, biostatistics, performance assessment

This is how Mani, the Parakeet works:

M Muniyappan, the owner of Mani, puts two cards in front of Mani. These cards are printed with the flags of two countries. Mani turns to the card of the country which he think is going to win.

It seems FIFA final is between German Paul and Singapore’s Mani. Lets wait and watch whose prediction gets it right.

Mani, a 13-year-old parakeet, being coaxed to make a prediction in Singapore's Little India neighborhood, Friday July 9, 2010. Mani's owner, fortune-teller M. Muniyappan, claims the bird accurately predicted the winner of the tournament's four quarterfinal games and Spain's victory in its semifinal match.… Read more »
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