Monday, January 31, 2011

Free Fax Software For Windows XP

Windows XP has built-in faxing capability. That's right, with XP all that's required to set up faxing is a good old-fashioned phone line and a modem. Faxing in XP can be installed from the Control Panel using the "Add Windows Components" option. The component is called Fax Services.

Once installed, the Fax Configuration Wizard provides an easy step-by-step interface that will assist in setting up a fax cover page, enabling send as well as receive and setting up the fax header information (also known as Transmitting Subscriber Identification or TSID). To start the Fax Configuration Wizard, click Start / All Programs / Accessories / Communications / Fax, then click Fax Console.

In most cases, you can fax directly from the application that created the document. Select File / Print, then under Select Printer, click Fax instead of a regular printer. The Send Fax Wizard will appear, prompting you for the recipient's fax number, and the cover page info.

So what what about incoming faxes? In the Fax Configuration Wizard, you have the option to automatically answer, or answer manually. If you choose to automatically receive faxes, your fax modem will answer the fax line after the specified number of rings, receive the incoming fax, and store it in the Fax Console. If you choose to manually answer fax calls, you'll need to open the Fax Console, click File, then click Receive a fax now. The Fax Monitor will appear and waits for incoming faxes. If you don't have a dedicated phone line for faxes, you'll probably want to go with the Manual Answer method, and just turn on the Fax Console when you're expecting an incoming fax. Otherwise, regular voice callers will be greeted with those awful screeching fax tones.

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