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157 miles per gallon -- 1.5 litre/100km

The new Loremo L22

simple. clever. fun

Data LS GT
Engine 2-cylinder turbodiesel 3-cylinder turbodiesel
Output 15 kW / 20 HP 36 kW / 50 HP
Max. speed 160 km/h 220 km/h
Acceleration 20 sec. (0-100km/h) 9 sec. (0-100km/h)
Transmission 5-gear manual transmission 5-gear manual transmission
Drive midship/rear wheel drive midship/rear wheel drive
Consumption 1,5 l/100 km 2,7 l/100 km
Fuel range 1.300 km (20-l-tank) 800 km (20-l-tank)
Weight 450 kg 470 kg
Drag Cw=0,20; Cw×A=0,22 m² Cw=0,20; Cw×A=0,22 m²
Seats 2+2 2+2
Dimensions 384cm x 136cm x 110cm (l x w x h) 384cm x 136cm x 110cm (l x w x h)
Price <> <>
Standard airbags, particle filter, radio airbags, particle filter, radio
Extras dashboard computer, air condition,
MP3 player, navigation system
dashboard computer, air condition,
MP3 player, navigation system

You will get into Loremo by a lateral threshold - unusual, but it's as easy as stepping into a bathtub! Its innovative linear cell structure is the basis for Loremo's safety . Instead of two lateral doors there is one "gate":
A frontal door opens forward before the seats, taking the steering wheel with it. (click the image for enlargement)

In front of the dashboard, in the crumple zone, there is a small trunk. The huge rear-trunk can be used for comfortable seating of two children, once the seats lowered

Cockpit view of the Loremo Loremo with opened front Loremo: Trunk with seats

Our principle also applies to the ergonomically designed interior: reduction of weight and costs, remembering the essentials. We mostly dispense with extravagant equipment - but not with an appealing design and a harmonic haptic interior. The dashboard is replaced by a simple instrument mushroom-shaped with a display.
The deep bucket seats are designed as simple plastic buckets with upholstery and covers. The deep bucket seats are only adjustable in tilt. Instead of a longitudinal adjustment of the seat, the pedals and the steering wheel are adjusted to the driver. The rear seats are installed against the line of travel, thus providing optimal protection for children

The patented Loremo chassis (patent no. DE 197 46 931 C 1) offers first-class roadability: optimum cornering ability stability, static directional stability and, thus, safe road behaviour.

The differential link axle connects the advantages of a semi-trailing link and a longitudinal link and this way allows excellent road performance also under different load conditions.

Also the distribution of weight (50:50), the low centre of gravity as well as its stiff structure contribute to optimum road behaviour.

The rolling friction minimized low profile tires of the LS (105/70 - R14) offer the same road adherence as the wide base tyres of heavy passenger cars.

Animation of chassis

Its great crumple zone and its stiff passenger cell make Loremo more than safe.

Loremo's linear cell structure meets all static requirements to crash safety and driving dynamics. This structure weighs only 95 kg and consists of only few sheets metal parts and can thus be produced at very low cost. The structure has been patented in many countries (patent no. PCT/EP98/01114).
Linear cell structur of the LS
Three solid longitudinal support bars have a low weight and a higher stiffness than would be the case if there were side doors in the middle. Even in the case of a side impact, they will provide excellent protection. The pyramidal transverse support bar does not only effectively increase the protection against side impact but also makes the structure torsionally stiff to a high extent. Loremo's innovative structure allows for a great crumple zone of 600 mm which extremely reduces passenger load.

The crash-simulation shows a 50 km/h collision with a static barrier having a 40 % overlap. The dashboard is deformed by approximately 150 mm only.
Thus, it is highly probable that it will also withstand the 65 km/h offset crash with a soft barrier without major deformations of the dashboard.

Unfortunately, mass-production of the Loremo will not start until 2009. We would be happy to keep you informed on important milestones, so that you will be among the first to be pleased with your own Loremo.

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