Saturday, June 21, 2008

German City MARBURG 1st to MANDATE SOLAR PANELS for new houses

Solar Panels mandatory in Marburg!!!

solar panels mandatory for new buildings and those that are getting renovated.

exempt are buildings registered as antique monument and those where the roof
is in the shade all the time.

The OWNERS are protesting this "grave meddling with the right to property"
but they forget that the german basic law (Grundgesetz) stipulates that

Friday, 20 June, 22:55 o clock

Marburg (AP)

.. as the first German city decided Marburg on Friday a solar plant obligation for owners. An appropriate statute was decided by the city council in the evening with the voices of SPD, the Green and linking. This prescribes owners in the 79.000-Einwohner-Stadt to establish and operate with the establishment, extension and change of heatable buildings solarthermal plants. Otherwise a penalty of 1,000 euros threatens. The regulation is to step to 1 October into force. FDP, CDU and the Marburger citizen list rejected the statute. Marburg goes with the plan to prescribe a solar plant for quasi each roof far beyond all past federal and Landesgesetze. According to data both the building law book and the Hessian building regulation make it for the city possible to give over local statute right a building obligation for solarthermal plants. While in another place usually only the regulations for new buildings are intensified, the Marburger regulation takes off also old buildings, as soon as these are changed or extended. As reason the city states the demographic development, which will lead central and on a long-term basis too less and less development areas, so that it is important for efficiency reasons to seize with the regulation old buildings also existing. Current. science. climate change Pressures Dispatch Solar plants are to become in Marburg Pflicht 31. January 2008 18:14, supplements 18:17 Solar plant on the technology and conference center in Marburg Picture increase Solar plant on the technology and conference center in Marburg Photo: City Marburg As the first city in Germany Marburg wants a solar plant obligation would bring in. The houseowners criticize as obligation - they are to settle the calculation. The city Marburg wants to make solar plants gradually at all private and commercial buildings in the city the obligation. This plans a drafting of a statute of the urban building department, which was presented at Wednesday evening in Marburg of the public


, in the German city of Marburg, solar energy systems are now compulsory !!!

Lord Mayor Egon Vaupel's council has signalled plans to make installation of solar units for hot water, heating and power mandatory for all new houses and buildings, as well as for properties that are being renovated.

The announcement is likely to create further pressure for Australian installers who say the massive demand for panels from Germany and Spain is blocking their access to affordable stock.

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