Tuesday, September 23, 2008

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North Tower Pulverization
The top is already gone - what is pressing down on this massive building?

South Tower Pulverization
Stop calling this a "collapse"

Blown to Kingdom Come
Smoke pours up; the building peels to the sides all the way down to the ground.

South Tower Obliteration
If the top part is what is pile-driving the bottom part, why is it shorter than the top of the North Tower next to it? If gravity is all that is doing this, doesn't all that dust mean that the lower part is resisting the upper part? How is the top part losing mass at the same time it is driving the lower part downward in "free-fall"? (the ENTIRE DEMOLITION TOOK 10 seconds!, AMAZING, but TRUE!)

Strong Building
Those massive core columns could support the building's weight several times over. The external columns could also bear 40% of the building's weight with no wind, and also could withstand steady wind loads of 30 times the weight of a Boeing 767.

"Flight 175"
Real planes don't do this. Holographs do.
Watch THIS MOVIE and be flabbergasted about TV Fakery.
Go here and see the more weird photos.

But maybe you rather be left in peace..
then do nothing, the LORDS of this world have you under control, just watch TV.

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