Thursday, October 27, 2011

Some cartoons you might enjoy

The public pays for private wealth. Obama Treasury AIG Banks Autos Insurance Corporations
Corporate ThinkTank... God help us all.
instead of ending poverty, lets fill the world with despair and hopelessness so people turn to terrorism.

Banks must be shrunk and split up.They must not control us. ATTAC
Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions and for Citizens' Action
is an activist organization originally created for promoting the establishment of a tax on foreign exchange transactions.

The media is untrustworthy, turn off the TV!!

The main issues covered by ATTAC today are:

  •     Control of financial markets (e.g., Tobin tax)
  •     "Fair" instead of "free" trade, via democratic control of the World Trade Organisation and international financial institutions such the International Monetary Fund, Worldbank, European Union, North American Free Trade Agreement, Free Trade Area of the Americas, and G8.
  •     Defense of public goods - air, water, information
  •     Defense of public social services - like those relevant to health, social services, and social security. For example, it is against the privatisation of pensions and of the health care system. ATTAC has also taken a position on genetically-modified organisms. ATTAC also opposes General Agreement on Trade in Services.
  •     The struggle to end tax evasion (tax havens) as practiced by transnational corporations and rich individuals
  •     Sustainable globalisation
  •     Cancellation of the debt of Developing Countries.
  •     ATTAC campaigned against the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe.

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