Tuesday, June 28, 2011

USA border control - Reichs-Transport Safety Administration Hauptamt

Airline flight safety technology made in USA

Checking 95 year old suicide diaper bombers might prevent another 9/11 !!


TSA Stands by Elderly Woman's Diaper Removal at NW Fla. Airport
The Transportation Security Administration stood by its security officers after a
Florida woman complained that her cancer-stricken, 95-year-old mother was patted down
and forced to remove her adult diaper while going through security.

Japanese models wear the latest style of adult diapers during a fashion show in Tokyo, Japan on Thursday 25 Sept, 2008.

Japanese models displaying the latest styles of adult diapers during a fashion show.

The show was organized to display the latest styles of adult diapers and raise awareness of some of the issues facing the county's rapidly aging population.
A Japanese men model the latest styles of adult diapers during in the show.


English Model costs 125 GBP

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