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I believe and pray that this money will be well secured in your hand.
I believe and pray that this money will be well secured in your hand.


subject    I hope and pray I get back home !!!

I'm finding it hard emailing you this mail, but I feel I have no choice right now, As you very well know, Iraq is gradually undergoing a rebuilding process in some parts and there is much need for reconstruction. I am Sgt. Jefferson Timothy from Oklahoma, an a US Military force attached to Contractor for the sole purpose of reconstruction works in some parts of Iraq. I evaluate the level of destruction and offer professional advice in line with the way they intend rebuilding. With no doubt, work has been risky and challenging as we sometimes collide head on with armed insurgents and loose some soldiers during confrontation.

On the early hours of 4th September 2008 I lost a friend whom I had known for 12years during one of these confrontations. It was a very sad day but at about 1100hrs during a normal inspection routine along Haifa Street, built and occupied by the late Saddam Hussein while he was still alive and one of the hide outs of the Al Qaeda and Ayman al-Zawahiri forces. I, alongside with 3 soldiers proceeded to a marked site and as I commenced evaluation under close guard by the 3 soldiers, I discovered an unusual bulge in a cellar, which I presumed to be storage room and as I proceeded to have a closer look at it, I kicked a metal covering and found several metal boxes (6 in number) piled on top each other and locked with a padlock.

On forcing the boxes open, we discovered several armoured weapons including bullets. One of the boxes was filled with hard drugs (heroine) and two to my amazement was filled with money. On discovery of this money, I and the soldiers for close to 3 hours counted the bundles of the currencies which amounted to about US$21 Million dollars in cash, mostly 100 dollar bills, I believe however that all these belongs to the Al Qaeda and Ayman al-Zawahiri forces, and because of this reason, I instructed the soldiers with me to handover all the boxes containing the drugs and amours to our superiors in the US army and agreed to keep the funds to ourselves, so as to help establish ourselves when we return from Iraq.

But with the recent troop redeployment to Afghanistan by our president, we are afraid that the money will be discovered, so with the help of a British Doctor working here and his office enjoy some immunity, we were able to get the package out to a safe location entirely out of trouble spot with a firm in Europe. and it was believes that it belongs to a British medical doctor who was kill last month by a road side bomb in Iraq, but I have now found a much secured way of getting the package out of Europe for you to pick up since am still in the services and can not come home right now, and I will discuss this with you when I am sure that you are willing to assist me, and I believe and pray that this money will be well secured in your hand.

I want you to tell me how much you will take from this money for the assistance you will give to me. One thing I passionately ask from you is not to discuss this matter with anybody, should you have reasons to reject this offer, please and please destroy this message as any leak of this information will be very bad for us soldier here, and tarnish the reputation of other services men. I do not know how long we will remain here, and I have been shot, wounded and survived two suicide bomb attacks by special grace, this and other reasons I will mention later has prompted me to reach out for help, I honestly want this matter to be resolved immediately, please contact me as soon as possible for now my personal email;, as this is my only way of communication until I specify otherwise.

Bless you and your family.
Sgt. Jefferson Timothy

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