Monday, June 30, 2008

FUNNY VIDEO - The Website is Down

There's no way to go back.
You can't arrange them by penis

sex with vegetables

And adding your boss' Exchange mailbox in your, um..I mean, I've NEVER done that!

"what's your password" -- "just the letter a"

He uses 3 OS, Linux, Windows and OSX, he is using virtualization to run the 3 of them, to be exact he is using VMware server.

The Linux distro he is using is Fedora

The Website is Down

Sales Guy vs Web dude

Monster Wwebsite Make Your Move

PlasTrolTech - Skip-Intro Pro Information Tranchnology Infrastructure Architects

top apache is running

Yeah, in a Apple Mac(even though Apple says that those are not PC's)...

You can't virtualize OSX, so yeah its a Mac, and Linux(Fedora) and Windows, running in VMware server.


Just stop forwarding The Chain Email
you don't know the difference between our web site and the internet?

Windows Professional

hardware server farm

remote camera - computer racks

The server operator has kicked you from this server

Tech support on Macs (no tech worth their salt uses a mac)
Sales on Windows (Sales people are only smart enough to use a mac)
Those who can - do, those who can't - teach and those who have no clue whatsoever - sell.

Booting Fedora Red Hat Setting Clock Thu May 29 14:27:39 EDT 2008

Halo Multiplayer

Internet Lobby - Online Gamers
Connected to server. Loading map Blood Gulch
ESRB Notice: Game Experience May Change During Online Play

well how am I gonna get on the internet without AOL?

Remote Desktop...

Utterpants - sex with vegetables

Our website was at the tip of the penis!

Don't use AOL -- that's for dial-up... you have broadband

Take Screenshot - snapshot of the Screen - to go on Boing Boing

Desktop Icons rearrange - Desktop Background load picture... of the old desktop

Mark All Icons..
move them beyond the Desktop ... Customer happy..

Josh Weinberg ... Web Dude
Casey Cochran .. Sales Guy
Jesse Johnson .. Trevor from Arvada
Josh Childs ... Irving Whitefellow (The Boss)
Ruth Sherrod ... Nancy
Music by Rap Team
Thanks to Microsoft, Apple, Skype, Linus Thorvalds, Suse Linux, Redhat Linux, VmWare, Hijack Pro, AOL.. please don't sue us.

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