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Tesla Coil - New Zealand

They're fairly straightforward coils, secondary form is 24"x105", toroid
is 11"x55". These dimensions are 1:12 scale of the 12-story NLL design.
These prototype coils are used mainly to test design concepts for the
NLL coils. The primary drive is the conventional C-switch-L scheme,
with IGBT's in place of a spark gap for improved efficiency and control.
The primary operates at 3kV, 4.5kA. Currently, the system can produce
an 18ft point-to-point arc with about 6kW input power. Although the
prototype operates from either single or three-phase power for
convenience of demonstration, the final NLL design will use a dedicated

six-phase, 20kV system. GL

fascinating... J.P. Morgan stopped financing Tesla because there was no way to meter the transmitted power...

noisy it is!


the largest existing Tesla coil, the 38-foot Electrum Project.

New Zealand Capacitor Teslacoil high voltage

At a cost of $5 million and with a proposed construction time of 22 months, it's no small endeavor. It would be the first machine in history to manufacture nearly full-scale lightning.

Tesla coil no. 2 (Electrum Project; commissioned by a rich New Zealand farmer to be installed on his estate): "That one's thirty-eight feet. We took turns riding in the Electrum [toroid] while the machine was on. It's finished; it's in his backyard. His house is out on the harbor, and the control panel for it is on his rear deck. For twenty-five years he's been looking for someone to make a big lightning piece for him, something that would throw lightning about fifty feet. The Electrum can reach about fifty feet; the deck is about seventy feet away. He had Power New Zealand install a substation right next to it. This guy's got money."

From 1997 - 1998, he was the
principal engineer for The Electrum Project and, in conjunction with
sculptor Eric Orr, created the world's largest existing Tesla Coil, now on a sculpture farm outside Auckland, New Zealand.
low, whirring sounds began to emit from the base of the coil as the generators kicked into speed. a few kids ran to the front of the crowd holding neon tubes up towards the sphere. the tubes glowed faintly as electricity scrambled through the atmosphere and the smell of ozone filled the air.

we all stood mesmerized as we watched huge, gigantic bolts of electricity fling themselves out from the surface of the sphere and immense fingers of purplish-blue reached out to the grounding lamppost off to the right. the column from the center of the coil blasted out hurricanes of air as generators spun themselves into a mach 1 frenzy. greg stood inside the sphere of the tesla coil with a metal probe, taking more measurements and logging the results. as i watched this behemoth of electricity and the man inside, i was only sure of one thing... this guy must be abso-fucking-lutely insane.

the lightning continued for about five minutes until the operator powered the generators back down. finally, the noise and the ozone and the light subsided to a point when everyone could snap out of their tesla-induced hypnosis. still alive inside the sphere, greg used his bullhorn to explain the concept of the faraday cage.

tesla Coil Eric Orr New Zealand

nzreactor Charging reactor with clamping diode and safety relay

* To: "'Tesla List'"
* Subject: Closure of the Electrum Project
* From: Tesla List
* Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 23:58:30 -0500
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t. wadlington nzgapmove

From: Chuck Curran [SMTP:ccurran-at-execpc-dot-com]
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Subject: Re: Closure of the Electrum Project


Thanks for posting the shots of your project. That is a very impressive
project and some great photo's. Way in the back ground it appears that
several of those 60 million sheep are running like crazy, away from the


>From: Greg Leyh [SMTP:lod-at-pacbell-dot-net]
>Sent: Saturday, May 30, 1998 4:30 PM
>To: Tesla List
>Subject: Closure of the Electrum Project
>Hi All,
>Here's a summary of the final installation effort at the NZ site.
>First off NZ is a cool place, a country of 3 million inventors
>and 60 million sheep. I don't recall meeting a single person
>there that I would have considered dull, except perhaps at the
>customs offices. It is now clear to me as to why NZ is so well
>represented on the TC list.
>Our only major problem was getting the 40' shipping container
>through Customs -- we were declaring the contents as a sculpture
>(12.5% tax), however the customs official said that in searching
>the container, no sculpture was found, only electrical switchgear
>and equipment (32.5% tax).
>The container was cleared after 6 days of tense negotiations.
>The install went without a hitch, using a team of highly adept
>farm workers and digger operators to erect the tower and
>install the switchgear virtually on the side of a cliff!
>Tuning values for coil onsite came very close to the Hunters Point
>numbers, about 37.9kHz. The Q of the sec (without breakout) was
>about the same as well, maybe slightly better than SF, indicating
>that the re-bar in the concrete vault walls produce no significant
>current loops.
>The earth grounding array worked better than expected, with a
>measured ground resistance of only 0.44 ohm! This may be due
>in part to the fact that ground array elements inadvertently
>cut through an array of septic tank irrigation lines.
>The coil is able to digest the 400V 50Hz from the substation
>with no apparent ill effects. However, the video camera monitor
>for the central manway picks up too much 50Hz noise during operation,
>trashing the sync pulses. Shielding a CCD camera placed in the
>manway may prove to be difficult.
>Occasional strikes to the ground during operation were observed when
>the wind was right. I had not expected ground strikes from this coil
>at all, due to the spherical electrode and the fact that the base of
>the secondary starts 14 feet above ground level! Improved quenching
>due to increasing the effective gap spacing may be responsible. The
>tungsten is also consumed at a quicker rate with wider gap spacing,
>but it's worth it!
>Neither sheep, yaks, nor storks approve of the coil during operation.
>One kiwi couple also joined the "2 Million Volt Club", as well!
>I don't have pix of operation in NZ as of yet, though it looks just
>like operation in SF with a different backdrop. One person shot
>some PAL footage there, and we're trying to get a copy (I still
>don't own a video camera!)
>New pictures of the install effort can be found at:


JPEG images of Electrum's current waveforms are available here.


Main Transformers and Rotary Gap - 400VAC, 3PH, 200A, 50Hz, ~0.8PF

Control System - 230VAC, 1PH, 10A, 50Hz


DC Output - 22,000V (star configuration), 12,700V (delta configuration)

DC Output current - 5.5A RMS (max), 8.3A pk

Charging Reactor - 2H, 8.3A, 23kVDC

Final primary charge voltage - 44kVDC (max)


Cpri = 0.270µF, nominal

Lpri = 66.7µH (tap#9) nominal, 55.6µH (tap#8), 78.7µH (tap#10)

Zpri = 15.5 ohms, nominal

Ipri (pk) = 2800A

Primary Switch - 8 gap series rotary, adjustable speed to 350 BPS


Coilform - 36.5" x 154", 780 turns of #12 AWG polyolefin motor lead wire

Lsec = 0.130H

Fsec = 37.92kHz (w/7' spherical electrode), 52.60kHz (no electrode)

Isec (pk) = 61A, with full primary voltage at 38kHz

Top electrode - 7' dia sphere, SS304, finite element cage construction

Total tower weight - 3700 lbs

Total tower height - 38' 8"

Jan 30, 2008 – Washington DC, USA - In two appearances on a Washington DC Pacifica Radio Station (14th and 18th January 2008), WPFW, on a show hosted by Author and Political Commentator Ambrose I. Lane, Sr., Dr. Judy Wood, a former Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and John Hutchison, experimental scientist, discussed how photographic and video evidence suggest that the World Trade Centre (WTC) towers were destroyed using Directed Energy Weapons (DEW). Many of the observed effects resemble those seen in John Hutchison’s experiments.

In early January 2008, Wood posted a new study on her website (, which relates effects seen in photographs taken before, during and after the destruction of the WTC complex, to effects seen in Hutchison’s ongoing experiments. Wood and Hutchison co-authored the study.

John Hutchison is a Canadian inventor and experimental scientist who has been working with “field effects” for almost 30 years. The Hutchison Effect is a collection of phenomena discovered accidentally by John Hutchison in 1979 during attempts to reproduce the work of Nikola Tesla. Hutchison uses radio frequency and electrostatic sources. The Hutchison Effect occurs in a volume of space where the beams intersect and interfere. The results are levitation of heavy objects, fusion of dissimilar materials such as metal and wood, anomalous melting (without heating) of metals without burning adjacent material, spontaneous fracturing of metals (which separate by sliding in a sideways fashion), and both temporary and permanent changes in the crystalline structure and physical properties of metal samples.

Hutchison has reproduced his experiments many times and the results are recorded on video and have been included in a number of TV documentaries that focus on unusual scientific experiments. Hutchison’s metal samples have been repeatedly tested by scientists, including a group at the Max Planck Institute in Germany, confirming Hutchison Effects.

The article by Wood and Hutchison ( documents effects and events seen in the vicinity of the World Trade Centre and compares these with observed characteristics of the Hutchison Effect.

The observed effects include:

“Weird Fires” - The fires seen near the badly damaged cars do not seem to ignite nearby office paper. Some photos show firefighters walking very close to or even through the fires. A video by John Hutchison shows similar looking “fires” on a model metal boat.

Bent Beams and “Jellification” - Samples that Hutchison produced show very unusual effects on metal. Sometimes the metal “jellifies,” turning soft and losing form, leading to severe bending or fracturing of the sample. Sometimes samples erupt from the centre and sometimes they turn to dust, similar to what happened to the WTC on 9/11.

Ongoing reactions - Hutchison’s samples often show an ongoing reaction, even after the energy field is removed. This “non-self-quenching” reaction seems to occur at the nuclear level. This also appears to be happening at Ground Zero (GZ). Dr. Wood’s study suggests that the WTC site is still being “decontaminated,” with trucks moving dirt into and out of the site, while “hosing down operations” continue, which Dr. Wood and Andrew Johnson photographed and recorded on video in January 2008.

Transmutation - Sometimes materials subjected to the Hutchison Effect seem to change at a molecular or even atomic level. This could be the explanation for the apparent rapid rusting at GZ, where steel rusts like iron. Also, some photographs show unusual effects on the aluminium cladding used on the twin towers that look similar to effects produced on Hutchison’s aluminum samples.

Wood, Hutchison, and Johnson appeared on two Ambrose Lane shows, “We Ourselves,” and discussed the similarities between the WTC event and the experimental evidence produced by the Hutchison Effect. “I have been collecting data over the last year and a half or so and I have found these distinct and unusual characteristics, which I have given names such as ‘fuming’ and ‘toasted’ cars – I have even noticed flipped cars in some pictures,” said Wood. “In some cases, the flipped cars are sitting next to trees that are fully covered with leaves.”

“If the flipping of the cars was caused by big explosions or ‘wind’ from the towers coming down,” asked Johnson, “how did the leaves stay on the trees?” Material scientist George Hathaway observes that the Hutchison Effect causes either lift or disruption of the material itself. Lift explains the flipped cars. ( )

In some of his experiments, Hutchison observed “spontaneous combustion” where “fires appeared out of nowhere.” He also confirmed that Col. John Alexander and others from the U.S. military visited him in 1983 and filmed his experiments with a team from Los Alamos National Laboratories (LANL). ( ) Canadian MP Chuck Cook and Dr Lorn A Kuehne of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) contacted him in 1986 and told him his work was “a matter of National Security.” ( Hutchison says he’s been told that defense contractor, S.A.I.C., has his technology and has been developing it. ( )

Asked about ongoing dirt removal and hosing down at the WTC complex, Hutchison commented, “I think there is an ongoing reaction or ‘infection.’” Wood noted that the damage done to the Bankers Trust (Deutsche Bank) building was repaired, but then they decided to take the building down. This evidence indicates there is a continuing reaction there. Rusting beams in the Bankers Trust building and in the temporary PATH train station also suggest ongoing reactions too.

At the end of the first show, a caller said, “This is a revelation beyond revelations…this trumps everything…If this story ever gets out, it will change the course of the United States’ and the whole world’s history.”

Another caller said during the second show, “I am thinking that these revelations we are hearing this morning should have the people so excited and so outraged that they should be flooding the lines to their congressmen and news people to get this message out as the number one story of the year.”

For more information please see:
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