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GENITALS mysterious, infuriating itch ????

Got a mysterious, infuriating itch down there? Then pee on your cellphone, wait a moment, and you’ll know whether you just need to take a shower, or a trip to the doctor.

This is the promise of new research in England, where £4-million ($6.5m) has been given to the UK Clinical Research Collaboration to develop this disposable tech. You don’t have to actually urinate on your phone (unless it is an old pre-Android Motorola handset, in which case you might want to anyway). Instead, you will put a few drops of urine or saliva onto a computer chip which you will then plug into the phone. This laboratory-on-a-chip then chugs into action, analyzing the sample and giving a diagnosis within a few minutes.

The actual details of the chips are still undisclosed, but they will be cheap. The idea is to sell them in vending machines in the same places you would buy condoms, for prices as low as 50p to £1 (80-cents to $1.60), making self-testing into an easy and discreet affair, encouraging those who would normally avoid doctors to check themselves out. The chips would be “about the size of a USB chip,” according to the Guardian, and plug straight into the phone or PC. This makes it likely that it would hook-up via micro-USB, something compatible with pretty much everything except the iPhone.

According to the project chief, Dr Tariq Sadiq, “Britain is one of the worst [countries] in western Europe for teenage pregnancy and STIs (sexually transmitted infections).” As a Brit myself, I can confirm this: When not taking drugs or roaming the dismal streets looking for people to stab, young Britons like nothing more than drunken, dangerous sex. Targeting the tech-savvy, cellphone-loving generation with these tests seems a very smart thing to do.

Mobile phone kits to diagnose STDs
• Plan aims to cut UK's rate of infection among young
• Many with symptoms 'too embarrassed to go to GP'

Mobile phones and computers will soon be able to diagnose sexually transmitted diseases under innovative plans to cut the UK's rising rate of herpes, chlamydia and gonorrhoea among young people.

Doctors and technology experts are developing small devices, similar to pregnancy testing kits, that will tell someone quickly and privately if they have caught an infection through sexual contact.

People who suspect they have been infected will be able to put urine or saliva on to a computer chip about the size of a USB chip, plug it into their phone or computer and receive a diagnosis within minutes, telling them which, if any, sexually transmitted infection (STI) they have. Seven funders, including the Medical Research Council, have put £4m into developing the technology via a forum called the UK Clinical Research Collaboration.

Sexual health experts hope it will help reduce the growing number of STIs, which have increased for the last decade and reached a record 482,696 last year. Two-thirds of women reporting a new STI were under 25, as were more than half of men.

The self-testing devices are aimed at technology-savvy young people. Public health experts are concerned that, although most STIs occur among that age group, many are too embarrassed to visit a GP or a genito-urinary medicine clinic to get tested and therefore continue to suffer and potentially pass the disease on. Doctors hope that the ability to obtain a private, confidential diagnosis will overcome their widespread reluctance to take a test.

The developers of the rapid testing devices expect them to be sold for as little as 50p or £1 each in vending machines in nightclubs, pharmacies and in supermarkets, as condoms are. They are drawing on nanotechnology and microfluidics, the creation of miniaturised laboratories.

"Your mobile phone can be your mobile doctor. It diagnoses whether you've got one of a range of STIs, such as chlamydia or gonorrhea and tells you where to go next to get treatment," said Dr Tariq Sadiq, a senior lecturer and consultant physician in sexual health and HIV at St George's, University of London, who is leading the project. "We need to tackle the rising epidemic of STIs, which have been going up and up and up. Britain is one of the worst [countries] in western Europe for teenage pregnancy and STIs. That there's a major embarrassment factor here, especially among young people, makes the situation worse." Some people do not get tested because they choose to do nothing about their symptoms, such as an itch or discharge, or dislike clinics' waiting lists or opening times. With some STIs people can remain infectious, even when the initial symptoms have disappeared.

Self-testing could lead to quicker diagnosis, fewer STIs and patients gaining greater control of their sexual health, as well as the ability to alert recent sexual partners, he added.

Sadiq is head of the Electronic Self-testing Instruments for Sexually Transmitted Infections consortium, which includes experts in microbiology, public health, telecommunications and micro-engineering from medical research institutions, the NHS and industry. The NHS's technology adoption centre, the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence and mobile phone operators, including 02, are also involved.

Doctors said the devices could help by removing the need to meet a health professional. "Some people may find going into a doctor's surgery to be tested an intimidating experience, so it's crucial that we find new ways to engage with people," said Dr Marion Henderson, from the MRC's social and public health sciences unit. Some STIs do not always display symptoms, she added. "This is important, particularly for women, as it can lead to future painful pelvic inflammatory disease and even infertility, both of which could be avoided with testing and appropriate treatment."

Prof Noel Gill, head of HIV and STIs at the Health Protection Agency, the government agency that monitors infections and advises on containment strategies, said: "HPA surveillance has shown that the impact of STIs is greatest among young people and we hope that the application of new technology will help to reduce transmission of infection in this age group.

"This is an exciting research and development consortium which will develop new technologies that both improve and expand testing for STIs. As innovations become available, the HPA will co-ordinate large-scale evaluations within a network of collaborating STI clinics," Gill added.


STDs: the facts
A total of 482,696 new cases of sexually transmitted infection were recorded across the UK in 2009, some 12,000 more than in 2008. Of those, 231,433 were in women (up 4%) and 249,605 in men (up 1%).

• Two-thirds of last year's new STI diagnoses in women were among under-25s. For example, 88% of the 127,741 cases of chlamydia, 73% of the 5,434 cases of gonorrhoea and 66% of the 42,095 cases of genital warts among women occurred in that age group.

• Among men, slightly more than half of all the new STIs were in under-25s, including 69% of the 84,863 cases of male chlamydia, 47% of the 49,105 cases of genital warts and 41% of the 11,541 cases of gonorrhoea.

• The most common age at which women get an STI is 19-20, while for men it is 20-23.

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recent Boeing Disasters with Deaths




Cause Released


Make / Model



Type of Air Carrier Operation
and Carrier Name (Doing Business As)





Dubai, United Arab Emirates  

BOEING 747-44AF  








San Adres Island, Colombia  

BOEING 737  



SCHD Non-U.S., Commercial Aires  





Manglaore, India  

BOEING 737  



SCHD Non-U.S., Commercial Air India Charters  





Beirut, Lebanon  

BOEING 737  



SCHD Non-U.S., Commercial Ethiopian Airlines  





Sharjah, United Arab Emirates  

BOEING 707  



NSCH Non-U.S., Commercial Sudan Airways  

Probable Cause  

Factual(5/10/2010) , 
Probable Cause(7/22/2010)



Happy Jack, AZ  




Part 91: General Aviation  





Amsterdam, Netherlands  

BOEING B737-800  








Perm, Russia  

Boeing 737-500  



SCHD Aeroflot-Nord  





Latacunga, Ecuador  

BOEING B737-200  



Non-U.S., Non-Commercial  





Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan  

BOEING 737  



SCHD Non-U.S., Commercial Itek Air (D.B.A. Asseman Airlines)  




Cause Released


Make / Model



Type of Air Carrier Operation
and Carrier Name (Doing Business As)





Madrid, Spain  

Boeing MD-82  



SCHD Spanair  





Bogota, Colombia  

Boeing 747-200  



NSCH Part 121: Air Carrier KALITTA FLYING SERVICE INC (D.B.A. Centurion Airlines)  





Kansai, Japan  

Boeing B737-300  



SCHD Air China  





Phuket, Thailand  

Boeing MD-82  



SCHD Orient Thai (D.B.A. One-Two-Go)  

Probable Cause  

Factual(6/19/2008) ,
Probable Cause(6/30/2008)



Tunica, MS  

Boeing 737-232  



NSCH Sky King, Inc. (D.B.A. Sky King, Inc.)  





M'banza Congo, Angola  

Boeing 737-200  



SCHD TAAG Anoglan Airline  

Probable Cause  

Factual(6/11/2009) ,
Probable Cause(6/11/2009)


6/11/2009 4:15:54 PM  

Charleston, SC  

Boeing Stearman A75N1  



Part 91: General Aviation  





Douala, Cameroon  

Boeing B737-800  



SCHD Kenya Airways  





Yogyakarta, Indonesia  

Boeing B737-400  



SCHD Garuda Indonesia  





Makassar, Indonesia  

Boeing 737-400  



SCHD Adam Airlines  




Cause Released


Make / Model



Type of Air Carrier Operation
and Carrier Name (Doing Business As)





Abuja, Nigeria  

Boeing 737-200  



SCHD Aviation Development Company  





Azevedo, Brazil  

Boeing 737-800  



SCHD Non-U.S., Commercial Gol Air  

Probable Cause 

Factual(1/4/2008) , 
Probable Cause(1/31/2008)



El Paso, TX  

Boeing 737-524  



SCHD Continental Airlines (D.B.A. Continental Airlines)  

Probable Cause 

Factual(5/8/2006) , 
Probable Cause(8/29/2006)



Fort Worth, TX  

Boeing A75N1 (PT17)  




Probable Cause 

Factual(11/29/2007) , 
Probable Cause(11/29/2007)



Chicago, IL  

Boeing 737-700  








Lagos, Nigeria  

Boeing 737-200  



SCHD Bellview Airlines  





Medan, Indonesia  

Boeing B737-200  



SCHD Mandala Airlines  





Pucallpa, Peru  

Boeing 737-200  



SCHD Transportes Aereos de Selva (TANS) Peru  





Machiques, Venezuela  

Boeing MD-82  



NSCH West Caribbean Airways  





Grammatikos, Greece  

Boeing B737-300  



SCHD Helios Airways  

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Friday, November 05, 2010

ROMANCE SCAM - russian ladies

From: Natalia Cox <>

Hello! I am Natalia. I`m from Russia. I never got
acquainted through the Internet, so I turned to one of the marriage agency of our city.
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The purpose of my acquaintance on the internet to find not just a friendship, and his love, his second half.
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Hopefully talking to me like u, and u will not ignore me. If I you are interested and you want to know me,
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In this message, I will also send u my picture for you to see me.
Also, I too very much want to see u and ask u to send me your picture! I hope that you will answer me.


My name Kseniya. To me of 27 years. That for you was not the big surprise, I wish to inform at once ... on my purpose of acquaintance to you in my first letter. ... independently come to such decision to find love in the Internet... Idea of acquaintance on the Internet I did nottake from heavens. ...

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Here you can find a list of spams I have received from women who have seen my profile on the web despite that I haven't subscribed to any social network ... I find funny to collect them. If it can entertain you, some photos are particulary interresting ...

I am very much interested

Hello my new friend, I search a good man at other country... For me it to communicate for the first time with the person from other country, by Internet. And it is valid, pleasant and interesting to me to write to you... I do not know, with what to begin.... Therefore I will start to write about myself. I inform about me directly slightly. At now i live at a small city, near to Kazan. My nationality - the tatar. I 28 years old. My weight - 56 kg. My height - 167 centimetres. You could inform these data. For me in the man its external qualities are not important. To me the main thing, what soul. But anyway I would like to represent you. And please send me the photo. I send you my photo also. In this photo I at cafe! I hope, that to you to like. My loved colour pink. As at many women... I love flowers: tulips, carnations. My hobby is flowers and draw. In the past, I was engaged in ball dances... But it in past. I do not wish to dance more on public. But I like to dance at home... Please sorry for possible errors. I - so worry. Well, I shall continue, as I spoke, earlier I am a lonely girl. I wish find the man on which I can to rely. Which will care of me. I wish to find the man in other country. Therefore I am especially glad to speak with you. I heard, that in the Internet is possible to get acquainted with the interesting person. And want try it...

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It would be great to learn more about you!

Hello! I looked through your profile at dating site and decided to write you a message and tell I am intersted in you.I'm sure that you are very intelligent and nice person. It would be great to learn more about you! I'm sure we can find something in common and begin a long a beautiful story.I'm looking only for serious relationship, I'm tired of games and dishonesty. I'm ready to give all my love and tenderness to a right man. Maybe that is you? Nobody knows! I hope you are also interested in communicating with me! I am 26 years old!Looking forward to hearing from you!

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I long thought before write

Hi, how are you?

Maybe now you will be surprised. I long thought before write you a letter. This morning, I got love the Internet dispatch, from an unknown to me addressee. In this letter, it was romantic relationships between people. In the list of e-mail recipients, I saw Your email address. I long thought before writing you. Perhaps this the only chance for me, so I decided to write to you. I find true love! I would like to begin acquaintance with a small a story about yourself. My name is Goharik. I am 27 years old. I am calm, young, goal-oriented girl. I like all women of our country, like cooking, sports. I am leading a healthy lifestyle. I do not smoke and not drink alcohol. I have work which very strongly love. But I do not have enough love. I am convinced that our planet is people who can give me happiness and love! On the Internet I I was just recently. I do not have much experience on the Internet acquaintance. I'm looking for this man who will love and respect me. I think that is important in the relationship between man and woman. Perhaps it is our fate? I want to meet you closer via email.

Please reply only to my personal e-mail:

You can write me. I am happy to answer you. Of course, I will send you my photos. I look forward to your letter to me with a more complete story about you. Anzela.

I as to search for serious relations


I write you this letter as today on mine e-mail has come the Internet Dispatch with yours e-mail. In the given letter, it was spoken about the love Relations between people. Therefore I have decided to write you the letter on yours e-mail. I as to search for serious relations as I wish to find The true love. My name is Hasmi. I, as well as all women of our country, I like to cook food as to go in for sports. I do not smoke and not I take alcohol. I search for the real man who will love, and To respect me. I wish to get acquainted with you more close, by means of e-mail.

Please write only to my personal e-mail:

I hope, that you will answer me mine e-mail the address. As I with the big Impatience I will wait your letter to me, with more detailed story.


I am searching my real love

Hello!!! My name is Irina and i am from Russia. I found your email and i want to write you. Iam searching my real love and looking for a dating in Internet.

Probably you are surprised to receive this letter but if you are interesting then you can answer me only to my personal e-mail:

I will wait...


I want to construct serious relations


How you? My name is Marina I the young and purposeful girl which searches the present for the man. I do not search for week novels. I want to construct serious relations with not less serious person.

I You my message has interested that write only to my personal email:

I hope that you are serious


How are you? I liked your profile, and has decided to write to you. Earlier I never used Internet for acquaintance. But I have decided to try write you letter. Possible, having found out each other we can meet. I am tired from loneliness. Certainly I had relations as at each person. But I have not succeeded in it. I want to find reliable partner in a life for creation of family. I want simple human happiness. I concern to this very seriously. For me the family is most important in a life. I ask you to not answer this letter if you are not serious. I ask to understand me. I do not want games on feelings. If you too search for serious relations, I shall be glad to speak with you.

Write me only to my personal e-mail:

For me it is most simple way to speak with you because I not so well can use the Internet. I hope, that you are serious, and will answer my letter.

How are your day?

Hello! How are your day? I am grateful to that that to me was gave to write a case to you. Are you not against closer to dialogue? I'm kind, cheerful and sociable woman. I wish to construct true relations. If you would like to have dialogue with me write to me the answer. After your answer I shall write more about myself.

If you want our dialogue that write please only to mine e-mail:

I shall be glad to answer your letter.

Je suis serieuse est interessee par votre personne

Bonjour, je m'appelle Valentina.

Votre adresse de la poste, j'ai recu de l'agence des connaissances. Evidemment le travailleur de l'agence des connaissances, l'ont trouve dans Internet, ou ont recu des collegues d'une autre agence. Je cherche l'homme pour les relations serieuses!!!!!!!! Je suis une femme solitaire, j'ai 31 ans. Je veux rencontrer un convenable, culturel et bon homme. Je veux rencontrer une personne de couleur blanche! Je ne vais pas communiquer avec la personne Cheroy peau! Je suis interessee a vous, et je veux faire le connaissance avec vous. je suis une personne gaie et sociable. J'ai beaucoup d'amis. Mais parmi eux, il n'y a pas d'homme, a qui je peux confier le coeur, Et en etre amoureux. C'est pourquoi j'ai decide tenter de rencontrer le destin dans Internet. Vous m'etes interessants. Je suis tres solitaire et je me suis fatiguee de la solitude. Je reve de la creation de la famille. Je veux pour qu'a cote de moi soit un proche homme aimant. Sur le caractere je peux dire que je suis la personne romantique, j'aime lire les livres et ecouter la musique. J'aime beaucoup de petits enfants, mais je n'ai pas de moi-meme. J'attendrai votre lettre. S'il vous plait, repondez moi. Si vous m'ecrivez, je vous ecrirai de moi-meme et j'enverrai les photos. Il me sera aussi tres agreable et aussi interessant de voir votre photo. S'il vous plait envoyez me-les, si c'est possible. Je suis solitaire et j'espere rencontrer la personne, avec qui je pourrai etre heureux. Je suis serieuse est interessee par votre personne.

S'il vous plait seule reponse a mes e-mails personnalises:

Avec les meilleurs souhaites, Valentina. Je vous souhaite une bon journee.

I decided to write you.

Hello. Please, do not be surprise - this letter is not a spam one. You will probably be amazed of the fact that I am writing you an e-mail. Yesterday I myself was amazed too, when saw your letter in my e-mail box. The letter was about love and sensations among people. The motto of the letter was like this «search for love and you'll become happy». I liked this letter very much. There was a list of e-mails where I found yours. I decided to write you. Maybe you are seeking love too? Maybe it's our destiny? I do not know actually who was the person that had sent me that e-mail and how did he get my e-mail address. I think it is not important. The most amazing thing is that I can write you. I would like to know more about you. Providing that it is me who is the first to write, I want to say some words of my personality. My name is Irina. I am 30 years old. I have never been married and have no children. I am cute, calm, kind and sociable. I think it is interesting to talk with you and discover new features of yours… Discover you as a person. I am a serious woman and I am looking for serious relations. For me it means no deception, no double jokes. I am looking for a real person who will manage to love and respect me. I hope you are searching for your love, too. I do not think that in love-relations age and appearance have any importance. The chief factor for me is ability to love and respect seriously!

I have lots of hobbies and interests in life. Among them you will find sport, cooking, books reading and definitely music. I am going crazy about housekeeping and house holding. I like tiding up and general cleaning. I am keen on experimenting in my kitchen. I love changes. I am fond of animals and prefer to lead a healthy lifestyle, thus, I do not smoke or use alcohol. Hey, my new pen-friend. What can you tell me about yourself? I want to learn more about you. In my future letter I will describe my character and my personality more precisely. Definitely, I will send you some of my photographs. It will help you to understand who I am and where I live. My photos will reveal all parts of my life – my happiness, my pensiveness and sometimes melancholy.

Please reply only to my personal e-mail:

I am looking forward to your reply. I am really interested in knowing you better. Remember of me. Your new friend, Irina

I would like to begin our acquaintance

Hello! How are you? Likely, you will be now surprised. I have received the love Internet dispatch. In that letter was spoken about love relations between people. In the list e-mail addressees, I have seen your e-mail. I consider, that the given chance for me unique, therefore I have decided to write to you. I wish to find the true love!

I would like to begin our acquaintance, with the small story about me. My name is Anahit. To me 26 years. I was born in not the big city which is called Vanadzor. I the student of university and now I get the second education. I the quiet, young, purposeful girl. I conduct a healthy way of life. I do not smoke and I do not take alcohol. I do not have not enough love. I am assured, that on our planet, there is a person who can present to me happiness and love!

I search for the real man who will love, and to respect me. I consider, that this main thing in relations. I would like to find out you in more details. I wish to get acquainted with you more close, by means of e-mail. It will be for us easier variant.

Please reply only to my personal e-mail:

You can write to me. I with pleasure will answer you. And certainly, I will send you my photos. I with impatience will wait your letter to me, with more detailed story about you. I am assured, that we become good friends. Your faithfully friend from Armenia, Anahit!

Mon nom est Yana.

Bonjour! Mon nom est Yana. Je recherche l'homme de graves. J'espere que vous me repondre a ma boite e-mail a correspondre avec moi. Je pense que nous pourrions en apprendre davantage les uns les autres par le biais de lettres. Je me tiens a vous en apprendre plus. Je veux trouver l'homme avec qui nous aurait fort et sincere amour. Je ne l'ai pas trouve le vrai amour dans mon pays et je suis a la recherche a decide de lui sur Internet. J'espere que je vous interesse et vous me repondre que nous avons appris les uns les autres mieux, il est possible, nous les personnes, qui sont crees pour chaque autre.

Si je vous ont interesses, s'il vous plait ecrivez-moi sur mon e-mail:

Il sera plus facile pour moi de Dialogues avec vous. Je vais attendre votre lettre avec impatience! Ecris-moi vite! Yana.

I wish to tell you

Hello! How are you?

I HOPE THAT YOU WILL READ THIS LETTER VERY ATTENTIVE!!!! PLEASE, IT WILL TAKE ONLY 5 MINUTES, BUT PROBABLY MY LETTER WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE........... First of all I wish to tell you why I have chosen your profile. I liked interesting information about you on your site. Also I have plans that I could arrive to your country, I have preparation that I had all documents and could arrive to your country as the tourist. I require the guide and the friend who could show me the country and tell more about people, culture and traditions of your country. At me is not good friends relatives in your country and I have decided to address to the Internet that I could have the friend when I shall organize travel and to arrive to your country. I also wish to tell a little about myself. My name is Oksana. I'm 30 years old. I very much wish to meet the person, that I could have dialogue with him. I live in Russia, I do not know, that else I should tell in the first letter. If I am interesting to you also you wish to have dialogue

with me and we can in the future can meet each other please write ONLY to my personal emai:

I shall be glad to see your letter!

With the best regards


I want to find my love


My name is Dinara! I am 29 years old. I addressed in agency acquaintances. When I have specified, how I search for type of the man. Me have told to approach in 1 week. When I have again come to agency of acquaintances, to me have told yours email adress. I am a teacher and i like my work very much. I work with children and Now I have an opportunity to write to you I am an interesting, beautiful, kind and single young lady. I want to find my love, my half and want to marry him. I have started to look on the Internet because my girlfriend has found the husband in the Internet and consequently I also hope, that to a smog to have a happy family in the future. I am looking for a man who will fall in love with me and I will fall in love with him. I have never been married but I dream about it. I am fond of children and I dream about a happy family with the beloved man. I am interested in music, cooking, reading, travelling and others. I know English very good and can easily speak!!

If you are interested or have any questions in me please write me ONLY to my personal e-mail:

Please write me and I will send you my photos.

I wait for your letter very much.


I hope you can get this message and I very much would like to have with you acquaintance

Hello My Friend! I hope you can this message without effort - and I will hope very much that I have executed all truly and you can read my message which I direct to you for the purpose of our personal acquaintance, My name - larisa i'am 29 years old and now I very much would like to get acquainted with the Worthy and decent man for creation of a good fellowship, your personal email I have received by means from one of marriage agensy of my city and now I can hope only that it will be interesting to you and i hope that we can continue our dialogue and in this case I with impatience will look forward to hearing from you...

Please reply only to my personal e-mail:

Yours faithfully - your New Friend... larisa.

I've put on an ad before


I've put on an ad before but didn't meet anyone who I clicked with so trying again!

I am ambitious, caring, loyal, honest, affectionate and to the point! I love films so cinema, cosy nights in, theatre, shopping, seeing family and friends, the usual girlie things, day trips, weekends away etc etc. I go to the gym a few times a week so need someone to keep me motivated not drag me back onto the sofa! lol.

I am looking for someone who is also ambitious, affectionate, attentive, honest, likes to have a laugh, someone who's not a huge drinker, just socially because I don't drink. I'd like to find someone to build something long term with, not a fling/casual.

Please reply ony to my personal e-mail:

I have attached my picture so if you would like me to reply please send yours.

I search for serious relations

Hello friend!

This morning, I have received love the Internet dispatch, from the unknown person to me the addressee. In the given letter, it was spoken about love relations between people. In the list e-mail addressees, I have seen your address. I long thought before writing to you.

I will tell slightly about myself. My name is Mariya. I am 30 years old. I can tell about myself that i am interesting woman with good character, sense of humor, opens in dialogue. I search for serious relations and I will be happy to learn you closer. I don't think that the age and appearance is so important though I am rather pretty. The most important what is inside you and how do you feel about the life. I know this life from many sides and I am rather mature already to know how to make a man happy. I am interested in acquaintance with you. I have no children, but I want to have children from correct men sometime soon. I search for serious relations and I will be happy to learn you closer. It will be fine if we can exchange some letters and photos. What you search in the woman Tell more about a place where do you live. I will look forward to hearing from you. Ask any questions which interest you. Write me back and I will tell more about me, my life and send me photos. I don't know if you answer me or not. But why not to try? I will regret if not to try. I think we should use every chance to find our happiness. Life is too short to use it only for thinking and dreaming.

Write me your E-mail or please write me only to my personal e-mail: I still hope for your reply. Have a good day!!!!!!!

I will finish here. Waiting for the answer with impatience. Mariya.

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Player One Excerpts COUPLAND

DON'T READ .. unbearable blather, not even sophistry.


but here you go.

Rachel wants a baby


Rachel is sitting at a bad computer in an airport hotel cocktail lounge with red plasticky walls and is contemplating leaving but decides to stay because she is on a mission, a mission that began because last winter, outside the kitchen, she heard her father say to her mother, .God, what a waste of a human life..
.Ray, don.t talk like that. We need to find a way to get her to meet people. Maybe some men her age..
.And then what.she.s going to get married and raise a happy family?.

.Ray, why are you even bringing this up?.

.I.m bringing this up because we never bring it up. No grandkids. No son-in-law. No nothing, just a robot forever, working in the garage eighteen hours a day . . . She has no sense of humour. Medically, clinically, scientifically, no sense of humour. And for that matter, no sense of irony or empathy or affection or..
.I.m glad talking about this. You think marriage is an option for her? You think her having a child would make everything better?.

.Frankly, I do. Never been kissed. Never will be kissed. Christ, how sad..


As a result of overhearing her father.s sentiments, Rachel has determined that her life.s mission is to bear children and thus prove to the world her value as a human being. She sees childbirth as a profoundly human act, and she would like to try to be human. She.s unsure why she was not allowed to be human, but she now sees a chance to make her move.

Growing up, she tried to make herself human. She researched what makes humans different from all other creatures, and all she learned was that only humans create art and music.elephants paint with brushes, but that somehow doesn.t count. And only humans tell jokes, only humans cook, only humans have an incest taboo, and only humans have ritual burials. Rachel dislikes and doesn.t understand music, because all it is is sounds; she doesn.t understand art, because all it is is scribbles and dribbles that don.t mesh with photographic reality; and she doesn.t understand humour or the notion of funniness.she only observes confusing braying-type sounds made by people after they hear something called .funny. (and usually after been drinking alcohol). However, from breeding white laboratory mice in the garage, she knows that an incest taboo is genetically useful, so she.s all for a taboo. And burial rituals strike her as smart, because they allow people to turn back into soil and be useful.

Identifying the unique threads of the human condition is not something Rachel approaches lightly, and she is not deceived into thinking that high technology is an activity that makes humans different: complex human activities such as enriching uranium, for example, are, by extension, elaborate means of generating heat and of fighting.and there.s nothing special to humans about that. Smashing atoms into quarks and leptons is high-tech, but if you think about it, it.s merely a way of creating incredibly tiny, expensive building bricks, and bricks make houses and birds make nests, so what.s special about that? Rachel once thought that attempts to contact alien species might constitute unique human behaviour, but it.s really no different than a wolf cub standing in the shrubs around a human fire, hoping to be asked to come closer and join a tribe of a different species. But music, art, and humour? Rachel has to take it on faith that these human qualities exist.

Rachel has never fit into the world. She remembers as a child being handed large wooden numbers covered in sandpaper to help her learn numbers and mathematics. Other children weren.t given tactile sandpaper number blocks, but she was, and she knows that she has always been a barely tolerated sore point among her neurotypical classmates. Rachel also remembers many times starving herself for days because the food that arrived at the table was the wrong temperature or colour, or was placed on the plate incorrectly: it just wasn.t right. And she remembers discovering single-player video games and for the first time in her life seeing a two-dimensional, non-judgmental, crisply defined realm in which she could be free from off-temperature food and sick colour schemes and bullies. Entering her screen.s portal into that other realm is where her avatar, Player One, can fully come to life. Unlike Rachel, Player One has a complete overview both of the world and of time. Player One.s life is more like a painting than it is a story. Player One can see everything with a glance and can change tenses at will. Player One has ultimate freedom; the ultimate software on the ultimate hardware. That realm is also the one place where Player One feels, for lack of a better word, normal.

Rachel also knows she is something called .beautiful,. but she has no idea what that is. Until she was seven, she was unable to look into a mirror without screaming. If you showed her a collection of photos of different people with one of herself in the group, she.d be hard pressed to find herself in the lot. But she knows that because she has this thing called .beauty,. people treat her differently than they would if she did not possess it. According to her father, having beauty makes her existence tragic.whatever .tragic. means. She can.t figure that out, either. It means that something good happened but was then wrecked. It means a waste of a human being.

But Rachel is going to prove that she is not a waste. For example, she has proven that she can dress herself stylishly, just like a regular human woman. She read in a magazine that all women should have a little black dress and that all women love Chanel clothing, so she took all of the money she made from her mouse-breeding business and she visited the downtown Chanel boutique and bought a little black dress and shoes at a cost of $3,400, the amount she would receive for 8,200 mice. Rachel also visited a First Choice Haircutters outlet and asked for a makeover, because she had heard that all women love makeovers.and men find a woman who has been made over to be highly attractive. And then, having assessed her menstrual cycle, and dressed and groomed like a fertile and desirable human woman, she took a taxi to the airport hotel cocktail lounge because she has learned in Internet chatrooms that this is where people go to have flings. A .fling. is a human term to describe a zero-commitment, most often non-procreative, onetime-only sexual act. People in and around airports are usually experiencing a reduced sense of identity, and travellers like to flirt and experiment sexually in ways they would never do in their everyday environments.

So now Rachel is in a hotel cocktail lounge, using an out-of-date computer infected with multiple viruses that, when activated, trigger the noisy onscreen arrival of a Las Vegas slot machine depicting human vaginas that click into place along with an enticement to meet the right woman online, now, as long as a Visa, Amex, JTB, or MasterCard number is given. A quick search reveals that the Web link is to a server in Belarus, a statistically unwise place to ship credit data. Rachel is ready to begin her quest for motherhood.

Rachel saw the sunburned bartender and wondered how old he was. The bartender seemed to be in reasonable condition, but Rachel remembered that, as an employee, he was probably not inclined to be sexually disinhibited and thus in search of a fling. The bartender was speaking with a woman who looked about thirty-six.or perhaps thirty-four if she was addicted to alcohol. It.s much easier to determine a woman.s age, as nature is far more generous in offering visual prompts in that department. Seated at the bar was another man.early thirties? He appeared well-nourished, and Rachel tried to determine whether he was handsome. .Handsome. is the male equivalent of beautiful, and to neurotypicals handsomeness indicates good breeding stock. Having studied copies of InStyle magazine for years, trying to understand the language of looks, Rachel remained unable to calibrate any rules of attractiveness. On the other hand, the man at the bar, who had had two drinks since he had arrived, kept two large rolls of money in his jacket pocket. Rachel took this to mean he was rich and could be a good provider to a child.

The man looked at Rachel several times as she sat by her computer. She interpreted this as sexual interest and knew that it was her role to provide a countersignal, so she stood up and sauntered across the room in the manner of high-fashion models on TV.

On meeting the man.Luke.Rachel found him agreeable enough. Luke had a couple of drinks in him, so she knew he was more likely to laugh than if he was sober, and she hoped he wouldn.t laugh. She hated laughter. Laughter was like a punctuation mark at the end of a sentence that reminded her she wasn.t human. And it was an awful sound, almost as annoying as crying babies.

A TV commercial showed a reindeer, so Luke brought up the subject of reindeer and Rachel thought she handled it very well. Then came the subject of religion, and she thought she held her own there, too. There was a conversational lull after Luke said something about sparrows, during which Rachel looked around the bar.

Luke then asked her what ideas she.d had that day, a question that seemed, even to Rachel, slightly out of the blue. Perhaps this was what she had read was called .foreplay..

.Is that a foreplay question, Luke?.

Luke smiled and almost made a laughing noise, but pulled back, which came as a relief. .Nope. Not foreplay. Our church is losing younger members, so they give us brochures on how to connect with young men and women. This one brochure told me that women love being asked that question, but they never get asked it. So I asked it..

Rachel was unable to understand the veneer of emotion coating Luke.s voice. Bitterness? Decoding tone of voice was even harder for her than distinguishing one face from another. But she was almost paralyzed with pleasure at being called a woman, and the sensation made her rattle on more than she normally might as she answered his question. .I did have a new idea today. I was thinking about characters on science fiction TV shows who possess immortality, and how, when shot, the bullet wound quickly heals and they come back to life. Or, if they lose a limb, it grows back. But what about when they get blown up? From the blown-up chunks there.s one piece that I suppose you would call the Master Chunk, which regenerates itself completely while the other body parts decompose. And then I got to thinking, what if an immortal character was blown up by an atomic bomb.which piece of the body would constitute the Master Chunk, and how would it reconstitute itself? And I figured that as long as one DNA molecule survived, then that.s what the character would need in order to reconstitute and make itself immortal. But also, Luke, from what read, from the way the universe is constructed, and from the way atoms are built, the creation of life is an inevitability; in fact, the universe seems to have been built to be one enormous life-generating machine. So, even if the immortal.s DNA was destroyed, its component atoms would still contain the inevitable destiny of forming a living being..

Luke looked at her. .Your thinking is way out there, lady..

.My doctor tells me I have multiple structural anomalies in my limbic system that affect my personality..

.You don.t say..

.But what we call .personality. is actually the result of a multifactorial gene process. A structural anomaly in my limbic system alone wouldn.t account for the entirety of my personality..

.I suppose it wouldn.t..

.I also have prosopagnosia, which is an inability to tell faces apart, which, by association, also means I have trouble finding things inside other things, like finding faces or animal shapes in clouds..


.I also lack subjective qualities like humour and irony and . . . . Rachel then remembered from her normalcy training that people prefer it when you ask them a question after asked one of you.and besides, a list of her brain anomalies could take a good fifteen minutes to properly index, so she stopped discussing herself and asked Luke, .Have you had any ideas today, Luke?.

.Yes, I have. To fill the belief vacuum left by my lack of faith, decided that all I want from life is for people to like me or envy either be my friend or wish they were me because I have a really cool life.

But spent my life trying to get people to like me, and I.m not sure anyone does, and in any event, all it got me was nowhere. And I don.t have anything in my life anyone could envy, so what.s the point of either of those two wishes?.

Rachel stared at Luke. She was pretty sure now that it was bitterness she heard in his tone. She decided to return to her core mission of finding a desirable father for a child and said, .I see carrying large quantities of money. Is that something you do all the time?.

Luke spat out the ice cube he was bouncing about inside his mouth. .I stole it..


.Yup. I looted my church.s construction fund..

.Oh,. said Rachel. .Does that mean rich now?.

Player One
Cocktails and laughter.but what will come after? Humans have souls and machines have ghosts. Me.Player One.I.m actually more of a ghost than a soul, but it remains to be seen when I got here and how it happened.

At the moment, what matters most is that we learn what happens next in this story . . . Luke will visit the men.s room and Rachel.s mind will drift away. She will be thinking about the countless planets around the universe where life has, in all likelihood, formed. These life forms are probably carbon-based, but who knows?

And chances are those other life forms won.t look like humans. Absolutely not. The second-smartest animal on Earth is the New Caledonian crow. If those crows had longer lifespans and hands like Donald Duck, humans would have been obliterated eons ago. But if two equally smart species can coexist on the same planet, just imagine what other planets might have produced. There might even be entire planets that exist as one organism, like Teletubbies suns.or endless seas of prairie grass that together create one being. And of course, inevitably some of these life forms will have achieved sentience. Self-awareness. And Rachel will wonder if she.d be happier with these other life forms than she is with human beings. She will mention this idea to Luke, back from the men.s room, and Luke will say, .Fine, fine, fine. But what I want to know is, do these aliens have an equivalent of free will? Do they perceive time differently? And most of all, what do they do for money?.

And there will then be big news from the TV set. And then Leslie Freemont will arrive. A photo will be taken. And then later, there will be rifle shots. And that is when there will be blood.

This year.s Massey Lectures take the form of a five-hour novel by Douglas Coupland about apocalpyse and romance in an airport lounge

by Kate Fillion on Thursday, October 7, 2010 12:40pm - 1 Comment

Douglas and furniture designer, biographer, artist and sculptor, screenwriter, landscape architect and, oh yeah, author of Generation X and 12 other novels.insists he is not a Renaissance man but .just someone who went to art school. It makes you perpetually curious and you learn there.s always some new way of looking at an object or situation..

Case in point: his five-hour-long Massey Lectures, which begin on Oct. 12, will take the form of a real-time, five-hour story.a novel, in other words. Player One is set in an airport cocktail lounge, where apocalypse and romance are on the agenda along with the Big Ideas you.d expect from a lecture series that has previously been helmed by the likes of Northrop Frye and Charles Taylor.

Coupland says he .wanted to take everything been doing since 1990 and to put it in Superman.s hand and have him crush it into a diamond.. Accordingly, Player One revisits quintessential Coupland themes, chiefly, how the speed of change, both technologically and socially driven, is altering the world, our own sense of self and our souls. .The future is happening so fast and furious right now, there.s no language to describe all these new sensations, so we have to begin inventing one,. says Coupland, who in Player One delivers a glossary for the future with such terms as .Bell.s law of telephony: no matter what technology is used, your monthly phone bill magically remains about the same size..

For someone who.s been avant-garde for almost 20 years, Coupland is surprisingly down-to-earth, with a deep, jolly laugh that sounds too sincere for a hipster. Comments on his versatility are deflected with oh-but-you-could-do-it-too charm. .Look, even on the best day of writing ever going to have in your life, it.s only going to be about 2½ hours of actual, .Wow, this is really shooting out of my brain. time,. he says. .And then there.s the rest of the day. What are you going to do, go ride in a boat? No way. here to feel and experience and interpret life..

And, apparently, express those interpretations in every medium possible, with a minimum of artistic angst. .When something feels like homework, I.m out of there,. says Coupland. That can.t happen too often, judging by his output over the past 12 months: a biography of Marshall McLuhan, the opening of a Toronto park he helped design, a commission to create a monument in Ottawa honouring firefighters, the launch of a new clothing line for Roots, the unveiling of a new sculpture at the Vancouver Convention Centre, and now, Player One, which is already on the long list for the Giller Prize.

Exclusive excerpt from Player One

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Today Everything is Forever

UXBRIDGE -- Technology is changing society at an accelerated rate and Douglas Coupland wants everyone to stop and think hard about where it's leading.

Mr. Coupland was at the Uxbridge Music Hall Oct. 26 to discuss his most recent work, Player One: What Is to Become of Us, as part of the CBC Massey Lecture series.

This installment of the Canadian series, started in 1961, is a departure from traditional Massey lectures hosted by the likes of Northrop Frye, Noam Chomsky, John Ralston Saul and Martin Luther King, Jr. Mr. Coupland is best known as a fiction author.

"When I was first asked to do this I was really peeing my pants with worry and fear," he said.

But like previous lectures from prominent contemporary figures who discussed new modes of thinking about important issues, Mr. Coupland said he felt fiction was an equally worthy platform to discuss his ideas about where society is heading.

So in typical Coupland fashion he came up with a apocalyptic novel that takes place over five hours in an airport cocktail lounge during a global disaster.

After reading a passage, he took time to discuss the theme of the novel, the creative process and his numerous projects illustrating the Canadian experience.

He touched on themes familiar in his wide body of work, such as human identity, society, religion, pop culture and the afterlife, but it is the so-called modern crises of time he wanted to focus on for the lecture.

"Just by looking at the way we are changing - time is different, the way we communicate is different," he said.

Mr. Coupland said the most stirring examples are through how technology has increased the pace of change in society.

He noted how quickly answering machines have disappeared, that two billion people in the world are now online and that services once provided by people have been replaced by the Internet.

He talked about the first thing passengers do now when their plane lands is to turn on cellphones to check messages or e-mails.

"Once you reach a certain level of connectedness you can't go back. We should be asking hard questions - we can't act like Pollyannas about it," he said.

While he didn't want to sound alarmist, adding many forms of technology are shaping society in very positive ways, he did issue a warning that humanity in general should question some of the more invasive forms of technology and where it's leading society.

"We've become docile and ditherly," he said.

"Nowadays, everything is forever. In the old days, and by that I mean the 90s, that wasn't the case," he said, adding that once something is online it can exist forever.

The novel, much like the lecture series, is also unabashedly Canadian. Set in a Toronto airport, the characters reference Canadian places and culture, while they watch news feeds from Toronto media about the impending apocalypse.

It also fits in with recent projects Mr. Coupland has dreamt up or was commissioned to do, such as the National firefighters memorial in Ottawa, monument to Terry Fox in Vancouver, biography of Marshall McLuhan, and a Roots clothing line.

"It's a lot of pressure - I feel like going into hiding for a year," he said of his ongoing efforts to illustrate symbols of Canadian identity.

Author discusses technology during Massey Lecture in Uxbridge
Author discusses technology during Massey Lecture in Uxbridge
UXBRIDGE -- International best-selling Canadian author Douglas Coupland, left, chatted with emcee Ted Barris on October 26 at the Uxbridge Music Hall as part of the CBC Massey Lecture series. Mr. Coupland presented his lecture in the form of a novel, Player One: What is to Become of Us, to a rapt audience, reading from the second chapter of his novel. October 26, 2010

Nov 01, 2010 - 04:30 AM

Don Campbell

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